The Importance of a Yearly Eye Examination in Newton, MA

by | May 3, 2018 | Eyes Vision

Most people do everything that they possibly can to avoid having to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, this allows medical problems to develop and can result in more discomfort, higher doctor bills, and longer treatment times. While many people are okay with the idea of seeing their family practice doctors once a year, they do not realize that an annual eye examination is just as important.

Why Children Need Exams

Children need to have an annual eye examination in Newton, MA because their eyes are developing quickly and problems can appear at any time, setting the child up for difficulties in school and bad grades. At an eye exam, the doctor will be able to find undiagnosed vision problems, suggest treatment options, and make sure that the child is prepared to learn in school without any issues.

Adults Need Exams

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for adults without a history of eye or vision problems to only have an eye examination every few years but with consistent screen use, eye strain is more and more common and eyes need to be checked more regularly. Around 40 is when exams become even more important since this is when many people begin to develop major eye problems and changes in their vision. Contact or glasses prescriptions may change quickly and eye disease can occur, rapidly affecting vision and requiring medical intervention.

No matter your age, a professional exam is the best way to make sure that your eyes are in good condition and allow you to combat any problems that may arise in the future. Setting aside time each year will ensure that your eyes are healthy and will keep you from dealing with major problems as you age. Contact us now to set up an appointment and get the care that you need.

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