Information Regarding IVF Cost in San Antonio TX

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Health Care

Infertility affects many couples who want to have children. Many do not seek any type of diagnosis or treatment because they think the cost is out of their financial reach. According to the Fertility Institute of Texas, many insurance companies do help cover some costs related to fertility. Approximately 85 percent of insurance companies in Texas cover diagnostic testing. The first step in any process regarding infertility is the consultation and the testing to determine the source of the problem. There are dozens of reasons why couples cannot conceive a child, or have a child carried to full term. Some are as simple as lifestyle and personal habits, such as too much alcohol or tobacco, a stressful job, or a drug habit. Others can be medical, such as endometriosis or a low sperm count.

Treatments and options include ovulation induction, artificial insemination, reproductive surgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), treatments for recurrent miscarriage and endometriosis, third party reproduction, supplements, and adoption. Close to 25 percent of insurance companies offer some type of coverage for IVF Cost in San Antonio TX, as well as other options. Customized treatment is needed for each couple because every couple has its own set of circumstances, treatment options, and decisions to make. IVF treatment has ten separate options from which couples can choose if that particular type of treatment is best for them. Some of those options include single embryo transfer, natural cycle IVF, frozen embryo transfer (FET), and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Another option to help with IVF Cost in San Antonio TX is a loan from a financing company specific to the health-care industry. The loan inquiry process is easy, and benefits include no collateral required, no pre-payment penalties, long terms for lower monthly payments, immediate decisions for loans under a certain amount, and the process, and decision, is one-hundred percent confidential. The cost, as well as the entire process, can be discussed with the medical professional to give couples an idea of the situation they face. Weighing all the factors to determine if it is all worth it to be parents is something each couple has to decide on their own. Getting as many facts as possible will help them make an informed decision.

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