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5 Combined Symptoms That Indicate the Possibility of Head And Neck Cancer

Head And Neck Cancer occurs in the sinuses and passageways of the mouth, nose, and throat. All of these various areas can see a lot of issues, from sinus infections to colds to laryngitis. So a single symptom would rarely indicate the possibility of Head And Neck Cancer. But, individuals should be aware of a series of symptoms that could potentially steer in that direction. A pattern of five symptoms will indicate the need for a visit to a specialist.

Recurring Sore Throats: A sore throat can come and go sporadically, which may be a sign of something going on. A sore throat may be accompanied by bouts of numbness from the throat, which can extend through other parts of the body (particularly the neck and head).

Hoarseness: This is another symptom related to the throat. It is important to remember that hoarseness, on its own, could indicate a wide number of problems.

Double Vision: Double vision can occur based on something present in the very back of the eyes. Double vision could also dissipate, evolving to blurred vision or a loss of vision. Any of these could be very temporary (a few hours) or a symptom that lasts for weeks at a time.

Difficulty Chewing: Any growth in the mouth may change the structure of the jaw and mouth. This, in turn, may force a change in chewing or swallowing. The shifting in the mouth can also lead to a loosening of the teeth or dentures no longer being able to fit. The shifting of teeth in the mouth are one core symptom of a potential issue related to the mouth and neck. The ability to detect subtle shifts in the mouth is sensitive and strong.

Fatigue: Fatigue can be caused by thousands of different issues in the body, but it is also a symptom of neck and throat cancer. It is the presence of a tumor, no matter where it is in the body, that generally leads to fatigue.

All of the above symptoms is cause for alarm in their own right. If they persist, visit a doctor or specialist at our website. If the symptoms are combined, schedule an appointment.

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