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Look and Feel Happier With a Brow Lift in Kona

Regardless of how careful people are about their skin care, everyone will eventually begin to see sagging and lines developing. Cosmetic procedures help to turn back the clock a few years and allow people to have the tight, fresh skin they once enjoyed. It is not always about the appearance because many people choose procedures that make them more comfortable as well.

This is often the case for patients who seek help from a cosmetic surgeon for a brow or eyelid lift. As the skin begins to lose its elasticity the eyebrows and lids can begin to sag. When the sagging becomes too pronounced the skin can weigh down the upper eye lid. This often leads to eye strain as the individual must work harder to keep their lids open. In severe cases the eyesight can even be reduced. After a Brow lift Kona patients sometimes discover that in addition to fewer lines, they also experience fewer headaches as well.

A brow lift or eyelid surgery helps the patient to look younger and less tired. It is not uncommon for people to look happier too, because the sagging brows and lids may have made their resting facial expression appear to be a frown. A brow lift is typically one of the easiest surgical procedures and requires very little down time for the patient. After the surgery the patient will have a smoother forehead and more open and bright-looking eyes. The appearance of exhaustion or worry is eliminated and the discomfort of overlapping eyelids will be gone.

At the clinic operated by Dr. David K. Hiranaka, D.M.D, M.D., all patients have the opportunity to review the options available to address their specific aesthetic concern. Digital photography is used to help patients see how they will look following the procedure they are interested in receiving. The doctor will review the health of the patient and their medical history to make certain they are a candidate for surgery. The doctor may even recommend a different procedure or a non-invasive treatment instead if by undergoing a Brow Lift Kona patients would not be able to have the outcome they have hoped. All surgical solutions begin with an initial consultation to discuss the surgery and recovery. Contact the office to schedule an appointment today. You can also visit them on Facebook for regular updates.