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Looking for a Rehab Center? 5 Questions to Ask

If your loved suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, one of the first things you must do is seek out help. But with a lot of rehab centers in New Jersey, finding the one that’s right for your friend or family isn’t always easy. Here are a few basics you’ll need to cover:

What services are available?

What kind of program and medical services does the facility offer? For instance, if your friend or family needs long-term, residential care, is that available? Or do they specialize in short-term, outpatient treatment programs only? Find out, says Drug Rehab Advice Center.

How qualified are they?

Be sure to check on the facility’s license. Make sure they employ qualified staff to run the programs and look after your loved one’s care. After all, you want to make sure they have the training and knowledge to see your Friend or family through the process. With the proper help and guidance, recovery will be a whole lot more possible, if not less insurmountable.

What kind of activities do they have?

Finding the right rehab facility also means taking a good, long look at the activities included in the program. Some offer meditation techniques, yoga or other practices that help patients cope and manage with the addiction. These programs train them on how to keep the addiction under control. But not all of these activities will be right for your loved one. Still, don’t close your doors just because yoga isn’t something your loved one has ever done before. Give it a chance. Remember that the doctor only has your loved one’s best interests at heart.

Do they allow for family participation?

Some rehab centers in New Jersey put special importance on the value of support from friends and family. These programs often allow loved ones to participate in the sessions, which often have positive results on the patient’s rate of recovery. If this type of arrangement might appeal to your loved one, then find programs and facilities that make this possible.

Do they provide after care?

While detoxification and rehabilitation matter, it is essential for an addict to continue having access to the help s/he needs. Fighting drug dependence can be a life-long commitment. To prevent a relapse from happening in the future, finding a program that offers after care is a sound option to consider.

Get your loved one the help s/he needs. Ask the right questions. For more information, call us at Behavioral Crossroads.