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Senior Living Is Not The End Of The Line!

For many families, getting old can feel the same is becoming invisible. However, many elderly people still have a lot of living to do and want to experience it as independently as possible! All too often we associate elderly living with a residential care home for the frail, but what about those people who are old but still retain much of their vigor and health? Why should we simply put them into an assisted-living facility and forget about them?

Living Life Fully

The truth is that not all senior living facilities are the same. If you have a loved one who is suffering from dementia, you can place them into an assisted-living facility with around-the-clock nursing staff, but this would not suit someone who is still healthy and active.

Independent living communities suit older individuals and couples who may want to downsize their existing home and move into a safe and secure community, but who continue to be active and explore a social life. These sorts of independent senior living communities offer the following benefits:

  • Social life: An active social life is still very important to many older people. Where assisted living may prioritize medical care around the clock, independent living communities are set up to encourage interaction with other residents of a similar age.
  • Activities: Many independent communities, such as those that Oasis Senior Advisors offers, run regular social gatherings, clubs, and exercise activities.
  • Assistance: Even though independent living communities are suited to elderly people who are still active, they also offer features that help people who are not as fit and as strong as they used to be. For example, hand rails in showers and toilets are common features of communities like this.

A More Active Life

All people slow down as they get older, but that doesn’t have to mean that they should stop altogether or be looked after in full-time nursing care. For people who are still active, mobile, and relatively healthy, an independent living community may be the perfect solution! You can also like them on Facebook for more information.