Non-Surgical Facelift: 3 Treatment Choices for You

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Health

Tired of looking exhausted and cheerless in your photos all the time? Want smoother, younger-looking skin? Most people would answer a resounding yes to that question. However, the invasive nature of traditional anti-aging treatments has kept many people away. These days, though, more and more people are discovering new ways to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on their face with non-invasive procedures.

What are Non-Invasive Treatments?

Unlike traditional anti-aging treatments that used to take weeks to heal, non-invasive treatments can be done in mere minutes and require no long-term recovery period. This makes it extremely convenient especially if you don’t have the time nor inclination to take days or weeks to rest and recuperate. In addition, many of the treatments can be customized so you can have only a couple treatments and achieve a minimalist “tune up” or go for treatments in order to achieve more dramatic results. These treatments typically include non-surgical skin tightening of the face, jaw and neck and may be done with radiofrequency technology or laser-based treatments.

Botox® Injections

This is a type of non-surgical procedure that involves the injection of Botox® into the facial muscles to help relax frown lines or the lines around your eyes, also known as crow’s feet. While it doesn’t completely eliminate the lines, the treatment, especially with subsequent injections, can soften the lines and keep them from getting any deeper. It also keeps new lines and wrinkles from forming, helping you keep younger, looking skin.

Facial Tightening Treatments

Facial tightening treatments, such as Evoke, involves no incisions, pain or downtime. The treatment restructures the skin and fat tissues that mimic a facelift without the surgery. Often these treatments can have noticeable results in as little as one treatment, which makes them appealing to people with busy lifestyles. Plus, they are done in a medspa or cosmetic dermatology clinic which helps keeps the cost much lower than procedures done in surgical centers.

Chemical Peels

This treatment helps you get rid of a layer of dead skin cells to encourage the growth of new and healthier skin cells. There are many types of chemical peels depending on a persons skin type and the condition a person is looking to treat. While peels won’t tighten sagging skin, they can help to brighten skin’s appearance overall and may even be effective at treating certain types of acne.

Finding the Right Treatment

If you want to experience healthy, young-looking skin sans the stress of going under the knife or dealing with a week-long recovery, check out non-invasive treatments, from injections and peels to a non-surgical facelift in Minneapolis. Make a list of your choices to make the selection process easier. And don’t forget to ask for more details regarding each of the services you’re interested in to get a solid idea on what would be ideal for you.

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