How to Be Prepared for a Pet Emergency

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Animal Health

Pet emergencies are a common occurrence for all animals. Whether your pet was hit by a car or started experiencing seizures- pet emergencies can create a stressful environment when you don’t know what to do. Being prepared for such instances is very important to ensure the best outcome for you and your pet. Read below to learn a few simple tips to keep prepared.

Don’t Panic

When you see your beloved pet injured or experiencing a medical emergency, it’s easy to panic. Keep in mind that your pet can’t communicate with you, and there’s no use in assuming the worst of an injury. Stay calm and keep a clear mind in order to best help your pet.

Know What to Do

There are certain measures that you can take in order to help your pet right away in case of emergency. Being knowledgeable about these measures will certainly help you stay calm and can be very important for your pet’s health. For example, if your pet is hit by a car it’s important to keep them as still as possible to avoid aggravating broken bones. Be sure to do specific research based on your pet and their health histories. If your pet has breathing difficulties, know what to do if they start choking. The first thing you should do in case of emergency is call an animal hospital in South Loop, they can help guide you through such measures.

Know Where to Go

Once you’ve done everything you know to do on the scene, it’s time to bring your pet into an animal hospital. No matter how much research you do, you are not a veterinary professional. It’s in the best interest of your pet to leave the important treatments to a vet.

Remember the Details

When your pet is injured, make sure to keep a mental note of exactly what happened. This information will be very valuable to the vet and will help them choose an appropriate treatment. Keep a note of what brought on the emergency, how it happened, and exactly how your pet started reacting.

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