The Real Reasons To Consider A Juice Cleanse

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Vitamin & Supplements Store

Whether you’re trying to renew your resolve for your diet or just want to feel and look a little healthier, a juice cleanse could be the answer you seek. While it is important to be safe, you can start with small steps and consider a two or three-day juice cleanse, providing you with a positive and remarkable transformation.

Unhealthy Foods

Everyone seems to love unhealthy food. While some people have figured out the perfect balance of healthy and “treat” or junk food, others struggle with obesity or being overweight. While you should work to break your dependence on refined and processed foods, as well as excessive caffeine and alcohol, most people don’t want to or can’t do so. A juice cleanse from Karmic Cold Pressed Juice can help you reduce your cravings and become healthier, but it can do much more.

Rest Your Stomach

Millions of people all over the world take acid-suppressing medication, whether they don’t produce enough acid or produce too much. The stomach has to work hard to do its job, but when you drink healthy juices, it works less and doesn’t have to extract the nutrients from your food.

Repair/Rest Your Gut

Toxic foods, such as those that are processed and full of saturated fat, as well as medication and stress can break down your intestine. While it usually isn’t enough to cause harm to the body, it can impair the functions and lead to an imbalance in good bacteria, which can result in leaky gut syndrome and other complications.

Reduce Appetite

While juicing itself won’t shrink your stomach, it can feel that way because you’re eliminating the need for comfort foods. While you should still eat appropriately and drink the juices as prescribed, you won’t be eating as much, which can help you change your overall eating habits.

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