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Could Teeth Whitening In Castle Hill Make You Smarter?

When most people think about teeth whitening in Castle Hill, they think of aesthetic benefits, such as whiter teeth, more confidence and a more attractive smile, which can lead to more opportunities for social and work-related needs. Whiter teeth can be valuable for new career moves and opportunities, as well as marriage, dating, social lives and more. However, along with aesthetics, you can also find more self-confidence. Hills Dental Care has been focusing on improving teeth for many years.

Health Benefits

While more self-confidence can give you a boost in your social and work life, professional teeth whitening in Castle Hill has also been proven to kill bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, while you’re working on improving your looks, you can also get healthier teeth in the bargain. Likewise, you may be less likely to have gum disease because of your cosmetic efforts.

Some research has shown that there could be a link between periodontitis and other health issues, including stroke, bacterial pneumonia, more pregnancy risks and cardiovascular problems.

Does Whiter Teeth Make You Smarter?

A recent study done in the UK has suggested that people who have gum disease could have a decreased mental function, especially when compared to people with healthy gums. Researchers used over 6,500 adults between the ages of 20 and 70 to take various cognitive function tests. Findings showed that those who had tooth problems or bleeding gums scored worse on those tests, no matter what age they were.

While more research is necessary to prove if whiter teeth can actually make you smarter, you could find that you have more mental focus and do better at work because you’ve whitened your teeth in Castle Hill. The potential benefits of such could be astounding and exciting for many.