Seeing an ENT for Head And Neck Surgery in Bethlehem PA

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An otorhinolaryngologist, also known as an ENT, is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, throat, ears, and related structures of the head and neck. Their area of intervention is more particularly that of the sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, and pharynx (throat) in children and adults. With that said, it is best to find a reliable ENT if you or a family member needs Head And Neck Surgery in Bethlehem PA.

Issues treated by an ENT

Deafness affects one in ten people. An ENT is a medical and surgical specialist that deals with the treatment of deafness, ear infections, balance disorders, tinnitus, facial pain and facial palsy. The ENT also takes care of congenital defects in the ear.

Chronic sinusitis is a particularly frequent affection. Care of the nose and sinuses is one of the specialties of an ENT. Management of nasal diseases includes allergic rhinitis and olfactory disorders. Aesthetic nose surgery is also part of the ENT specialty.

Communication (voice and vocals) and swallowing are essential functions in which the throat can be affected. ENT specializes in the diseases of the larynx ( the organ that allows people to speak) and the upper part of the aorta or esophagus.

The head and neck is an essential area has many nerves controlling the taste, smell, hearing, and muscles of the face. An otorhinolaryngologist is trained to treat infectious diseases, benign or malignant tumors (cancers), facial trauma and congenital malformations. He or she is also a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of this cervical-facial region. To determine if you need Head And Neck Surgery in Bethlehem PA, contact an ENT today.

Otology (ear) situations addressed by an ENT

Diseases include trauma, cancer, neuro-sensory deficiency affecting hearing and balance. Examples consist of things like otitis, deafness, otalgia (ear pain), tinnitus, and dizziness. A specialist can also diagnose and treat childhood diseases affecting the ears, nose, and throat. Some diagnoses may include things like otitis, tonsillitis, respiratory disorders, and allergic rhinitis.

Throat, head and neck diagnoses

Benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck include the thyroid, parathyroid and salivary glands (i.e. thyroid nodules and laryngeal cancer). Doctors can also perform rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid), and otoplasty (to repair protruding ears). When it comes to the throat, an ENT looks for things like gastroesophageal reflux, pharyngeal discomfort, and problems clearing the throat.

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