Six Benefits of Having LASIK Surgery Done

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Health Care

LASIK surgery is used to reshape the surface of the patient’s cornea so his retina focuses better on what he’s seeing. This enables the patient to achieve 20/20 vision, or close to it, without wearing glasses or contacts. If you’ve been thinking about getting LASIK surgery, there’s no time like the present. That said, here are some of the key reasons to get the surgery.

Procedure Has Been Improved
The technology of LASIK surgery is always improving, which minimizes any potential risk. Today, LASIK surgery is more effective than it’s ever been. In fact, patients have a with LASIK today, according to Fox News, versus 65% back in the 1990s, when the procedure was first FDA-approved.

Expertise of Doctors
The LASIK Doctors you choose as surgeons usually have to complete one or two years of fellowship training on cornea and refractive surgery after medical school, according to University of Missouri Health Care. They also have to become board certified. With these types of credentials, plus the countless number of surgeries they perform, you can be assured your own LASIK surgery will be a success.

No More Corrective Lenses
Inserting and taking contacts out each day can be a real pain. It also costs money to purchase the soaking solutions. After you have LASIK surgery, you will no longer need glasses or contacts for your near-sightedness.

Feel Better About Yourself
If you’ve always felt self-conscious about wearing glasses, using a LASIK Doctor can help you feel better about your looks. And people will be able to see those pearly blue better.

Variety of Treatments
Besides LASIK surgery, some clinics may perform various alternative surgeries, including PCIOL, photo refractive keratectomy or implantable contact lenses.

Track Record
The top LASIK Doctors will usually have testimonials from happy patients who’ve had the surgery. Some may even be pro athletes or well-known celebs.

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