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Things That Cause Teen Depression

The adolescent years are among the hardest of a person’s life. While genetics and biology can cause depression in teens, other life factors may play a role in the development of this condition. Teen therapists near Roseville have identified several factors that can lead to depression.

Academic Stress

Teens today are under a great deal of pressure to succeed academically. They know that if they want to go to a good college and get scholarships, then they will have to make good grades. This can put an enormous amount of pressure on a teen to succeed. The pressure can lead to depression. If a teen’s family is putting a lot of pressure on them to succeed, then this can worsen the depression.

Social Ostracism

The way that your peers perceive you can have a positive or negative effect on a teen. Studies have shown that teens who are liked by their peers have healthier self-esteem. Being excluded from a group can have lasting effects on a teen.

Most teens have doubts about their worth as a person. However, if a person is a social outcast, then this can cause them to doubt themselves even more. It can also lead to depression.

Romantic Problems

Many teens have romantic relationships. Unfortunately, these relationships do not always last. A failed relationship can lead to depression. Furthermore, if a teen likes someone and the other person does not reciprocate those feelings, then they may develop depression.

Major Life Events

Any major life change that a teen has to go through can create stress and depression in children. This includes things such as divorce, remarriage, moving, the birth of a sibling and death in the family.

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