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How to Tell Your Parents You Need Therapy

If you’re an adolescent and you think you need therapy, you need to bring it up with your parents. For legal reasons, they need to be involved. More importantly, they care about you and want to be involved in your treatment. Approaching them to ask for therapy can be difficult. Here are some tips to make it a little easier.

The Moment

Try to choose a moment when your parents aren’t distracted. Don’t bring it up when they’re trying to do work or take care of your other siblings. The best moments are when you’re both calm and doing something basic, such as washing the dishes, that allows you to focus on the conversation. If you need to, ask for a private moment to speak with your parents.


Share your general feelings, although the exact details you share are up to you. What’s making you concerned enough to want therapy? Are you constantly tired or uninterested in activities? Do you feel so anxious in class that you can’t focus or skip school? Share the basics of why you want this, though it’s up to you whether or not to share your personal thoughts.

Express What You Want

This is where knowing your parents is important. Make sure it’s clear that what you’re feeling is more than teenage moodiness if they’re the kind of people to brush it off. Tell them you want to see an objective professional because you can’t work through this on your own. If they’re they don’t believe in mental health treatment, tell them you need someone objective to help you work through something. Use what you know about your parents to help them see what you need.

If they brush you off, keep trying. Look up providers or adolescent therapy in Minneapolis or your city to show them you’re serious and answer questions they may have. Your parents love you and want the best for you. Approaching them for therapy may seem scary, but once you do it, they can help.

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