Three Benefits of Light Therapy in Jacksonville: Pain, Acne, and Aging

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Medical Spa

If you have TMJ or jaw discomfort, acne problems, or distracting aging signs, consider Celluma light therapy in Jacksonville. The FDA has approved this treatment. It involves light and LED science.


Researchers tested this light treatment on patients who were suffering from joint pain. The light gently penetrated the skin. The noninvasive penetration refreshed damaged and inflamed tissue. Patients noted a reduction in pain, and with this application, some recovered from injuries quicker.


Celluma light therapy can reduce bacteria on the skin. This bacteria can lead to blocked pores, pimples, and eventually, scarring. Several types of bacteria cause this problem. This treatment helps clear existing acne, and the system can tackle all kinds of bacteria. It can reduce future outbreaks and allow the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. After a few sessions, people noted fewer acne bumps and smoother skin.


As a person ages, their body naturally reduces collagen production. This ingredient is vital in retaining skin tightness and fullness. As collagen diminishes, fine lines appear, and these turn into wrinkles. Light therapy stimulates collagen production without harsh chemicals or drugs. It is a nontoxic approach to rejuvenating skin from the inside. The process encourages the body’s systems to fight aging. Many users noticed their skin glowing and becoming more bouncy after several treatments. It is not an immediate fix, but it can be long-lasting. It is a drug- and surgery-free option to reduce wrinkles. For more information on celluma light therapy in jacksonville, contact Serene Advanced Skin Care at Sitename.

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