The Three Most Common Ways A Vet Hospital In Johns Creek Can Ensure The Health Of A Furry Companion

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Animal Health

Cats, dogs, and other furry critters have evolved from being merely animals to companions that are part of the family. The connection formed between a family and their pets is one that lasts for years, so it only makes sense to keep pets in the best health possible. A Vet Hospital in Johns Creek helps to ensure that a furry family member is in the best health and can suggest treatments and other medical remedies that stave off problems.

Dental Cleanings

One of the most overlooked aspects of a pet’s health is their oral hygiene. If teeth are not adequately maintained, it can lead to severe halitosis, affect the integrity of their teeth, and lead to decay that creates discomfort and makes it difficult for a pet to eat. Regular oral cleaning will prevent problems from occurring by removing a buildup of plaque and tartar, ensuring a pet’s mouth is as healthy as possible.

Lab Testing

Just like humans, a veterinarian can gain a great deal of knowledge about a pet’s health by sobtaining lab work. From white blood cell count to kidney and liver functions, the information that can be gained from a simple blood test can be astonishing and alert a doctor to potential problems. Be sure to locate a Vet Hospital in Johns Creek that offers these services in-house so there is a no delay in receiving the results of a lab test.

General Wellness Visits

Another great way to improve the health of a pet is to take them to the vet at least twice per year for wellness exams. The vet will examine their coat and skin for any deformities and perform an orthopedic exam to identify signs of arthritis or other muscle and joint conditions. Most clinics provide these exams six days a week, which ensures a pet owner can always find time to take their furry companion to the doctor.

It can be challenging to locate a quality vet that can be trusted. The team at The Animal Hospital of Nesbitt Ferry Crossing offers a full-service animal clinic and treats a wide array of creatures. Visit to learn more and take the first step in keeping a pet in the best shape possible.

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