Three Popular Types of Recreational Marijuana to Choose From

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Medical & Health

With the popularity of cannabis products, choosing the best one for recreational needs has become confusing for most users. You can now find cannabis under names such as O Bubba, Barack, and Green Crack. You can also find it infused with different recipes.

Before visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, here are three types of marijuana products to choose from.

Edible or Not

Edible marijuana is marijuana, infused with food or used in cooking. It can be baked like brownies or infused in snacks like gummies and truffles. They are even granola and lollipops infused with marijuana that you can find in different dispensaries.


Do you want to limit your intake of recreational marijuana? Go for dabs. It looks like a cigarette and every hit can give you up to 85% THC. If you smoke dabs, be aware of how concentrated your dabs are.

Flower and Leaves

If you are a traditional weed smoker, then perhaps you can opt for flower or green products. Most recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts offer cannabis in this form because it is still popular among users.

Users can just roll it and make a joint, grind it or just load it into a bong. There are different ways to smoke a flower or green cannabis leaves, making it a popular choice in dispensaries.

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