Three Ways Needlestick Safety is Being Improved for Medical Professionals

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Medical & Health

When someone visits a healthcare clinic or hospital, it is usually because they are sick. Most of the time, an illness being treated in a healthcare facility because it is contagious. When a patient has to examined and needles are involved, those used needles automatically become hazardous waste. Since medical professionals come into contact with used needles, they pose a health risk.

Here are three ways needlestick safety is being improved for medical professionals by tech.

Closure Workflow

Doctors who perform surgery rely on assistants to manage clean and used surgery needles. While this process has been successful for several decades, those in technology believe that it can be improved. One medical device allows doctors to handle their own clean and used needles. It eliminates the need for passing needles from the assistant to the doctor, which improves workflow and reduces the number of people coming into contact with the needles.

Increased Safety During Closure

In addition to being careful about the safety of needlesticks, medical professionals have to be mindful of foreign object during closure, too. Entrepreneurs are attempting to put on the market a medical device that reduces passing needlesticks and keeps foreign objects away from the closure.

High Value Scenarios

Technology is also aiming to improve high value scenarios. The thought is that suture management will improve medical procedure efficiency while maximizing the safety of all those involved.

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