Tips For Choosing Theta Healing Practitioners

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Healthcare

ThetaHealing was developed by Vianna Stibal. In addition to the development of the ThetaHealing technique, she is also an author, speaker, naturopath, and spiritual teacher.

Theta Healing uses specific types of meditation techniques when the individual and the practitioner are using theta brainwaves. This is the state when the brain is most relaxed, and the actual brainwave activity is slower, allowing for greater healing.

In this state, the practitioner and the individual have a deep intuitive connection. Some people equate this to being in touch at a divine level or entering in the consciousness through the flow of energy that exists both inside our beings as well as all around us.

People who experience the impact of going to Theta Healing practitioners listed at the World Holistic Network typically see and experience immediate changes in their mental and emotional states. These can include a reduction in anxiety and stress, clarity in understanding, and the ability to let go of negative thoughts and blocks in life.

Look for Experience

When choosing Theta Healing practitioners, look for those with experience. While in-person sessions are important for some people, it is not necessary. ThetaHealing techniques can be offered over the phone or through online webcam and voice platforms.

Feedback and Ratings

Testimonials, feedback, and ratings are all good options to review when considering any Theta Healing practitioners. Look for high ratings from clients in not just the experience but in the results of gaining positive changes in emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental health and wellbeing.

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