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What to Expect When Getting a Mobile Cardiac SPECT Exam in Illinois

Mobile cardiac SPECT exams are a great way to bring advanced medical technology to patients. If you have never experienced mobile cardiac care before, you might have questions about the process. This article should help you to understand what you can expect when you undergo a mobile SPECT exam.

What Is a SPECT Exam?

A cardiac SPECT exam is designed to be a non-invasive examination of the heart. It can identify abnormal functioning in the heart and your heart’s functional ability. It can also examine how much of your heart has damaged tissue. A thorough SPECT test can also determine which parts of your heart are receiving the right amount of blood flow.

Our Mobile Units As Effective as Traditional Exams?

A mobile SPECT exam can provide the same advanced technology as those conducted within a healthcare facility. The operating costs will be significantly lower, with means healthcare providers can pass the savings onto their patients. Patients and healthcare providers can expect to receive the same high diagnostic images that can be obtained in a healthcare facility.

What Should Patients Do to Prepare for a SPECT Exam?

Before going to the exam, patients should not consume any caffeine. No later than two hours before the SPECT exam, patients should eat a very light breakfast.

In some situations, patients want to discuss their situations with their physician before getting a SPECT exam. Pregnant women typically do not receive SPECT exams, and patients with diabetes should thoroughly discuss their condition with their doctor before deciding to have a SPECT exam.

Cardiac Imaging, Inc offers mobile cardiac SPECT exams and can be contacted online.