Vision Therapy by an Optometrist in Andover KS for Treating Convergence Insufficiency

by | May 4, 2019 | Eyes Vision

An Optometrist in Andover KS who provides vision therapy services may treat children who have been diagnosed with convergence insufficiency. This condition prevents at least one of the eyes from turning far enough inward when the two eyes must focus together for close-up vision. The signs are behavioral, and are easy to miss because they are so often attributed to other problems.

About Convergence Insufficiency

This convergence of the eyes is a skill normally learned during early childhood. It happens entirely naturally and instinctively. Some children, however, have eyes that do not converge together as needed. Vision therapy can teach these youngsters to train their eyes for close-up focusing.

Convergence insufficiency is not the same condition as amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye. It is also not the same as presbyopia, commonly referred to as farsightedness. Instead, it is an inability of the two eyes to function together as they should.


The problem can result in a child having difficulty learning to read and becoming very frustrated when trying to do any work requiring close-up vision. Children who always need to follow lines of print with a finger might have this condition. They may consistently get poor grades because completing assignments on paper is arduous for them.

Difficulties With Diagnostics

Often, the condition goes undiagnosed because the usual vision testing may produce totally normal results. A child can have 20-20 vision while also having convergence insufficiency. A diagnosis is more likely only when parents bring the child to an eye doctor because they notice his or her frustrations of doing close-up tasks.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy provided by an Optometrist in Andover KS includes sessions at the clinic and at-home vision exercises. In this way, it might be considered similar to physical therapy. Parents who suspect their child has this condition may Schedule an appointment with an organization such as Business Name. Adults who have struggled their entire lives with similar problems might also be interested in a vision test that can uncover the problem of convergence insufficiency. It can be a great relief to finally discover what has been wrong all these years.

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