What a Palliative Care Nurse Can Do For a Hospice Patient

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Home Health Care

For people who are suffering from some type of life-threatening condition, seeking hospice care is often the best move. With the aid of a Palliative Care Nurse, the patient has a better chance to enjoy whatever time is left. Here are some of the ways that the nurse will make things better for the patient.

Monitoring the Condition of the Patient

One of the most important tasks that the Palliative Care Nurse takes on is monitoring the status of the patient. This is important since any indications that the condition is worsening are important to the treatment process. The nurse will be able to assess the condition of the patient several times a day, report the findings to the team providing the overall medical care, and participate in determining the most practical course of treatment.

Alleviating Pain

Many types of chronic or life-threatening conditions are accompanied by significant amounts of pain. When there is a chance of recovery, the goal is to manage the pain, so it does not interfere with the ability of the patient to sleep and have the strength to undergo the necessary treatments. If the condition of the patient will only get worse and eventually lead to death, managing the pain is one way of providing the individual with a better quality of life. If the pain can be kept to a minimum, it is easier to think clearly, enjoy time spent with loved ones, and, in general, take care of anything that needs to be arranged in advance.

Providing Companionship

For people who have no relatives nearby or few friends who can check in from time to time, the nurse also provides the main source of human interaction. Having someone to talk with will make the day a little less lonely. Knowing that the nurse is trained to take action if the pain gets worse or any type of discomfort develops helps to strengthen the connection and feel as if someone does care.

For more information on how hospice care can help when recovering from a serious illness or prepare the way for the end of life, talk with a professional today. Understanding the range of support offered will make it easier to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

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