What Conditions Could Lead To Male Infertility In San Antonio, TX?

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Health

In Texas, couples that wish to conceive a child, but have faced difficulties need further assessments. These assessments allow the doctor to determine the origin of the fertility issues. For some couples, the issue is male infertility. The following are common causes for male infertility in San Antonio TX.

Improper Drainage of the Testicle

Improper drainage of the testicles could relate to issues with the varicocele. These are the veins that allow for drainage of the testicles during sexual intercourse. The most commonly-known reason for issues with these veins is excessive heat. For this reason, men who experience fertility issues associated with overheating may need cooling measures to increase their count.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections could lead to permanent scaring for the testicles or epididymis. The most common STDs or infections that cause permanent damage are gonorrhea and HIV. These conditions can lead to inflammation that can damage the male sex organs. However, some treatments may assist in restoring fertility in some men.

Cancer and Non-Cancerous Tumors

These tumors affect the production of necessary secretions by targeting the glands. This prevents the glands from releasing normal sex hormones. These tumors may require surgical removal or chemotherapy. Once the tumors are removed, additional measures may be needed to reverse Infertility San Antonio TX.

The Effects of Undescended Testicles

This condition may affect a man’s fertility due to a testicle that haven’t reached the appropriate region. This could reduce his changes of fathering a child by fifty percent. A procedure can be performed to release the testicles and position it in its appropriate location.

Tubule Defects or Blockages

Any blockage that prevents male secretions from flowing through tubules could present infertility issues. These blockages require a surgical procedure to correct the flow of secretions. The most common causes for this condition is trauma to the testicles.

In Texas, couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving a child should acquire a full medical evaluation. This determines what individual is facing the infertility issue specifically. This provides the couple with an effective treatment strategy to increase their chances of conception. Patients facing Male Infertility in San Antonio TX should schedule an appointment today.

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