When People Should Seek Medical Care for Ongoing Heel Pain in Hyde Park

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Health

Heel pain can be devastating and may result in problems with everything from standing to walking with difficulty. Some heel pain is simply a result of wearing the wrong shoes that are tight and offer little arch support. Other heel pain may be more serious in nature. Here is when people should seek experienced medical care for ongoing Heel pain in Hyde Park.

Runners & Other Athletic People May Suffer from Debilitating Heel Pain

Some instances of heel pain takes little treatment to mend itself and resolve after a few days or weeks. Other heel pain incidents may indicate a deeper problem that should be checked out by a foot specialist to ensure that the problem does not become worse. Heel pain can be caused by overstretching the foot muscles on the bottom of the feet. This could be an indicator of an arch support problem according to a reliable foot expert.

Heel Pain May Also Be Due to Heel Spurs or Plantar Fasciitis

Heel spurs happen when the bony portion of the heel bone develops a calcaneus that causes a bump that can become painful over time. Both of these foot issues can be resolved by getting effective treatment for the heel pain from a Hyde Park foot specialist located in this area. Some of these heel pain occurrences can be resolved with rest and avoidance of activities that may be straining the foot and its smaller ligaments. Learn more about heel pain by contacting Mitchell Foot & Ankle now.

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