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Why More People Nationwide Are Choosing Open MRI Facility Services

More and more people schedule appointments with an open MRI facility to get answers to their most pressing medical conditions. Open MRI machines provide accurate results but are popular with people nationwide for other reasons too. Here are some of the benefits of an open MRI.

Pleasant Experiences

Patients are often nervous enough about getting an MRI. When the MRI machine is open, the patient has a more pleasant experience because they can relax and feel more comfortable. They’re not closed in and anxiety is reduced.

Ideal for Claustrophobic Patients

Many people hate being in tight spaces. Open MRIs don’t make one feel like they’re in a dark tube with no way out. With closed MRIs, more patients require sedation than those who are getting the same testing done in open MRIs. Not only is the experience more pleasant, but the patient doesn’t have to worry about finding someone to drive them home or deal with sedative after-effects.


If adults have anxiety about MRIs, consider what children must feel like. Open MRI machines are child-friendly and make this procedure less scary. Not only do children love it, but so do parents.

Great for All Sizes and Mobility Levels

One of the greatest of open MRI machines is that they’re accommodating to everyone. No matter a person’s height, weight, or mobility level, an open MRI fits the bill.

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