Why One Substance Abuse Treatment in Burnsville Differs From the Rest

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Health

Substance abuse doesn’t just impact angry teens or middle-aged adults going through a lot of stress. In fact, addiction doesn’t target anyone by way of race, culture, sexual identity, or financial status. Learn why one effective substance abuse treatment in Burnsville differs from the rest.

Understanding Why a Dual-Diagnostic Approach Offers Better Results

Many have likely heard the term dual-diagnosis. This is used by some treatment centers that specialize in addiction recovery treatment along with mental health issues. The dual refers to both treating underlying mental health issues while providing substance abuse treatment at the same time. Only by combining these two elements can addiction to drugs or alcohol be treated in hopes of the client remaining sober and living a sober lifestyle when released from treatment.

Reasons Why Some Are Prone to Addiction More Often Than Another

Like many physical health issues, addiction seems to be a complex collection of genetics, upbringing, and past or present traumas. In a manner similar to diabetes and thyroid problems known to run in families, addiction also has some genetic component that needs to be assessed and evaluated in order for the client to heal and stay sober. When past traumas or a bad childhood or marriage is not successfully treated, some individuals will be more prone to abusing either drugs or alcohol according to a leading addiction recovery specialist that provides substance abuse treatment for Burnsville area inhabitants.

There Is Hope for Recovery

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