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Foot Problems That a Podiatric Surgeon in Kenosha WI Can Often Correct

Surgery is often the best option for treating certain foot problems, and a qualified podiatric surgeon can use special techniques to resolve the issues. As surgeons in this field continue to get more updates on the latest surgical techniques that have been developed, even more advanced treatments can be offered to correct other conditions of the feet. Here are some of the standard foot problems that a podiatric surgeon in Kenosha WI can often fix.


Through a process known as bunionectomy, bunions on the feet that are often painful and unsightly can be removed surgically by a skilled podiatric surgeon. The surgeon will use either local or general anesthesia to numb any pain that could be felt during surgery. Ligaments that are found at the joint of the big toe may be cut to realign the bone properly, or the entire bone may be cut in more severe cases.

Tumor Removal

Both benign and malignant tumors can be removed by a surgeon who specializes in podiatric procedures. The exact surgical methods that are used will depend on the size, location and nature of the tumor. Further testing will be conducted on the tumor after removal to determine if it is in fact benign or malignant.

Bone Breaks and Fractures

Fractures and larger bone breaks sometimes need to be addressed by a podiatric surgeon if they are unable to heal properly on their own. If the breakage has caused any bone misalignments, the surgeon can work to correct the problem. Pins and screws may also need to be inserted by the surgeon in some cases to hold the bone together to restore optimal foot function.

Seeing the right podiatric surgeon can be an excellent way to ensure a better recovery from a problematic foot condition. If you are looking for a qualified podiatric surgeon in Kenosha WI and want to get more updates on the latest procedures, you can explore what Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers offers by visiting