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How Frequently Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet?

Dogs and cats are little different from humans when it comes to the need for regular checkups. You know the frequency of your visits to your doctor, what about your pets? How often should they visit a veterinarian in Bucktown?

The answer to that question depends to a large extent on the stage of life.

Birth to one year:

For the first sixteen weeks of your puppy’s or kittens life you will have to take them to the vets for vaccines every three or four weeks. Puppies will be protected against rabies, distemper and other common canine diseases. Cats will get several vaccinations and tests for feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus.

Your vet will check your pet to ensure it is growing as it should as well as check for any sign of illness. If you have no intention of breeding your pet the vet will spay or neuter it at about six months.

From one to ten years of age:

This is the time frame when your pet is in the prime of life. Your veterinarian in Bucktown will usually arrange to see your pet once a year for a head to tail physical checkup. Blood will be drawn from your dog and a check will be made for heartworm. If the vet spots something it may be necessary to run further tests.

A rabies and distemper booster shot is given around the animals first birthday and every three years thereafter. The vet may recommend vaccination against kennel cough and if your cat spends a great deal of time outdoors the vet will suggest vaccination against feline leukemia.

Senior animals:

Once your pet approaches the twilight years it is a good idea to see the vet every six months for a physical examination. You may witness changes in your pet as they age, mention these things to your vet as they can indicate problems such as arthritis or a kidney disorder.

To ensure your pet lives a long, comfortable, healthy life make sure that your veterinarian in Bucktown is involved from the day they are born to their senior years.

Your veterinarian in Bucktown is your pet’s best friend, make sure they get regular checkups to ensure they stay healthy and happy. You are invited to take your pet to Village West Veterinary.