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Reasons to Use Stem Cells in Topeka, KS

Doctors around the world use MSC, or mesenchymal stem cells, in over 70 different proven therapies. These cells, harvested from adults rather than from fetuses, are taken directly from you and injected into the problem area. This procedure is done right inside your doctor’s room, and only lasts about one hour, meaning you never need to worry about general anesthesia or painful procedures. Instead, your doctor will completely numb the area and proceed from there.

How They Are Harvested

These stem cells in Topeka, KS are taken either from the fat of your abdomen or from the bone marrow in your hipbone. Although that might sound frightening at first, it is a fairly simple procedure and it is completely painless with the help of some local anesthesia. Once your doctor extracts the tissue, it is placed inside a special centrifuge and then spun. These cells become highly concentrated and get passed into a new syringe with which your doctor will administer the injections. Doctors such as those found at are extremely skilled and will perform the entire procedure with minimal discomfort.

The Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why patients seek out therapies that feature these stem cells is the pain relief they bring about. A large number of people with this condition fall into the rut of sampling therapies that do not work, while denying or not qualifying for joint or spine surgery. Adult cell therapy has been proven to reduce pain after just a single treatment, and many come back for more once they feel the difference.

If you are still unsure as to whether this therapy might work for you, ask your Lawrence physician for their professional opinion. They will thoroughly research your condition and help you determine whether stem cell treatments are a good option. Due to the short length of time needed to perform the procedure and the minimal discomfort experienced during the routine, this is an option you should seriously consider to reduce pain and get your life back on track. View website for experienced chiropractors in Topeka KS.