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Why Children Should Participate in Yoga

Children today are exposed to so many different stress factors from regular homework to rivalries with other children to the general over-scheduling that seems to fill many calendars. Unfortunately, children are not taught to manage stress the way adults are, and this untreated stress can result in mood swings, illness, and fatigue. Yoga for children is a great way for them to release pent-up-energy, reduce overall stress, and unwind. In adding to relieving stress yoga has been proven to help hyperactive children gain more control of themselves and their lives. Everybody knows that children have an innate need to be active. Yoga can help by giving children the outlet for movement and self-stimulation that they need to explore these impulses in a positive manner.

Yoga can be for Children of All Ages
Yoga can be for children of all ages. Some parents are now taking yoga classes and bringing their children along, this not only helps their children focus on yoga positions and learn new things, but it gives them a chance to bond with their parents. There are even yoga programs where it is all children and this is way for kids to meet and make new friends as well as have some fun with games, activities and yoga.

Other Ways Yoga Will Benefit Children Include:

  • Meditation Improves Clarity of Mind and Calmness
  • Breathing Practices Will Reduce Stress and Help with Concentration, Focus, and Reduce Asthmatic and Allergy Symptoms
  • Inversions and More Difficult Poses Encourage Practice and Builds Strength and Self-Esteem
  • Balancing Poses Improve Poise, Coordination, Strength, Concentration, and Focus
  • Standing Poses Improve Strength, Posture and Reduce Symptoms of Scoliosis

Yoga Will Teach Children Many Things
The values of yoga will teach children many things such as awareness, mindfulness, compassion, sharing, kindness and so much more. When a child participates in yoga there will be dancing and music which teaches them about coordination, tempo, and rhythm. Yoga for children is a time for them to be free, let loose, and have some fun.