Top Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Pediatrician

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Health

For most parents finding the best pediatrician in San Diego can be a complicated and confusing process. When it comes to your children, you, of course, want nothing but the best and that is the way it should be. That is why you can read on below for a list of the top questions you should ask your baby’s doctor to help determine if he is indeed the best pediatrician to handle your child’s health and welfare needs.

How Will Phone Calls be Handled?

There is nothing worse to a parent than having a sick child and the doctor never calling back to set up an appointment. Ask your child’s doctor how the calls will be handled. Some doctors only answer messages once a day, while other’s do so on an as-needed basis. Choose whichever you are comfortable with, before you decide if this is the doctor you want seeing your child.

What Are the Doctor’s Fees?

You will want to know what the doctor charges ahead of time before you decide to invest in carrying your child to that doctor. It’s important that your child feels at home with his pediatrician, and finding out that you can’t afford that doctors’ fees or that your insurance plan doesn’t cover that provider will be bad for your child when you must snatch him away and take him to a different health care provider.

What Hospitals Do You Work With?

Ask where you should head if your child is injured or severely sick when your doctor’s office is not open for business. You should know where your doctor provides services at so that you will be able to let them know to call him if you must bring your child in.

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