Veterinarians in Oregon: When You Need More Than The Ordinary Vet

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Animal Health

Just like human beings, pets often need a type of care that goes beyond what the regular medical caregiver can provide. Humans can go to medical specialists in a wide variety of fields, and those same kinds of veterinary care specialists are available for pets today. There are even veterinary care facilities dedicated to providing emergency care, critical care, and specialized care of all types for pets 24 hours a day.

Some Veterinarians in Oregon specialize in veterinary ophthalmology. Pets sometimes need an eye doctor because they may suffer from a variety of diseases such as cataracts as they get older. Glaucoma, diseases of the corneal tissue, uveitis, and eyelids malformations are also commonly seen in dogs and cats today. Some of these diseases can be quite painful, and they can cause bigger problems with the overall health of the pet if they are not treated promptly by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

While many general veterinarians do provide basic surgeries such as spay and neuter procedures, a general vet is typically not prepared to do more complicated surgeries. Many general vets don’t have the necessary equipment and facilities to do complex surgical procedures either. A surgical specialist will often focus entirely on dog and cat surgeries. Many of these may be emergency surgeries, for example when a pet swallows a toxic substance or object that must be removed immediately. In other cases, the pet needs surgery for acute disease such as kidney disease. The veterinary surgical specialist can handle any of these types of surgeries, and they can also handle more routine surgeries like spaying and neutering. A veterinary surgeon can also operate on pets who are suffering from cancer. For example, a pet who is suffering from advanced bone cancer may be saved through the removal of the diseased bone, especially if the surgery is done before it spreads to other bones in the body.

If you’re looking for a high-quality veterinary caregiver who offers more than just the ordinary and routine care options, WestVet Oregon may be a perfect choice. Check out their website to learn more today.

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