What California Residents Should Know About Heart Disease and Smoking

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Health

Your heart will beat on average 2.5 billion times during your life. It’s important to keep your heart strong.

Heart disease is serious. It is estimated that 25 percent of Americans die because of heart disease. There are several steps that a person can take to lower their heart disease risk.

One important thing is to stop smoking. When people think about smoking, they think about the damage it causes to their lungs, but they don’t think about the impact it has on their heart. Smoking doubles a person’s risk of developing heart disease. When a person who has smoked for many years visits the doctor and has mobile PET imaging in California, they usually show signs of some form of cardiac deterioration.

If an individual has mobile PET imaging in California and it is clear that there is some sort of heart damage or that they are at risk of developing a particular disease, they need to quit smoking immediately. Even if a person has smoked for several years, they can still reverse the damage to their heart.

In fact, 20 minutes after a person stops smoking, their blood pressure drops and their heart beat returns to a normal rate. After 12 hours of not smoking, the carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal. It just takes one year of not smoking for the risk of heart disease to drop to 50 percent of that of a smoker.

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