Critical Steps for Transman Top Surgery

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Transgender Surgeons

If you’re transitioning from your birth-assigned female gender to your male lifestyle, surgery is often a consideration to transform your body and help you feel more comfortable and confident. Before you undergo transman top surgery, however, there are steps you need to take. The following will help you make the right decision for you.

Are You a Candidate?

The first step toward transman top surgery is to determine if you’re a good candidate. Meeting with a surgeon allows you to evaluate your current options to ensure you make the right decisions. Patients typically must be at least 18 years old and go through a complete mental health evaluation before being approved for surgery. Your surgeon will also ensure you have realistic expectations of the outcome.

Understand the Risks

No surgery comes without risks. When you meet with your surgeon about transman top surgery, they will discuss the general risks, along with the risks that are unique to your situation. It will be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of the procedure, compared with the risks to determine whether you should proceed with the surgery.

Plan Your Surgery

Once you decide you would like to undergo transman top surgery, your surgeon will schedule your procedure and let you know whether they expect to require more than one surgery to produce the best results. They will share a list of pre-surgery instructions and a set of instructions for your recovery period. It’s critical to follow these instructions precisely to reduce the risk of complications and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

If you’re thinking about undergoing transman top surgery, contact The International Center for Transgender Care to discuss your options with a qualified surgeon.

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