Recovering From Podiatric Surgery in Racine, WI

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Podiatrist

Here are potential complications when someone undergoes foot surgery. The feet normally have a high level of bacteria on them and this means the risk of infection following surgery is high if people are not careful about their care. Another concern is mobility. Foot surgery means bed rest for at least the first week after surgery. Here are three tips to make the recovery period easier following podiatric surgery in Racine WI.

Prepare the Home

Rearrange the home so it is as easy as possible to get around. Move bedrooms to the first floor to avoid climbing stairs, pick up all scatter rugs and slide furnishings out of the way so there is a clear path for crutches or a wheelchair. Put hygiene items, food, and medication where it is easy to reach. Consider purchasing a portable toilet to reduce the frequency of trips to the bathroom and a shower chair to make showering safer. Have a reclining chair available to keep the foot elevated or have extra pillows for the sofa or bed.

Purchase Some Gear

There are a few things people should have on-hand in addition to the personal care items just mentioned. Waterproof foot protectors will keep the incision dry while bathing or showering. Wide, comfortable shoes with Velcro closures keeps the foot warm and protected when leaving the home but will not put too much pressure on the foot. Compression socks may also be needed, depending on the type of surgery.

Hire Some Help

Undergoing Podiatric Surgery in Racine WI could mean several months of recovery time. Initially, the patient will spend almost all their time off their feet and even a month or two after the surgery will require assistance. If possible, have someone available to do all of the chores for the first week and to perform yard work, vacuuming and other heavy tasks for the next couple of months. A driver is needed to take the patient to doctor appointments as well as to run errands. Help may also be necessary for personal care and meal preparation.

There are many questions and concerns when foot surgery seems unavoidable. Visit us to see if any other options are available or to have the best possible care if a surgical procedure is the only solution. Specific instructions based on the surgery needed will be provided in plenty of time for the patient to prepare.

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